Silicon steel, also known as electrical steel, is a special steel containing silicon, which can exhibit some special magnetic properties, such as creating a hysteresis region, increasing magnetic permeability, and reducing core loss. A soft magnetic alloy.

Electrical steel is usually manufactured by cold rolling, and the thickness is generally less than 2 mm. Sheets of electrical steel are often pressed into laminations, commonly known as silicon steel sheets, for the magnetic cores of stators and rotors in transformers and electric motors. After the electrical steel is pressed into a lamination, it is usually cut to shape with a concave and convex die, laser or electrical discharge machining.

Production Process:

1. Pickling: Remove the oxides of the hot-rolled steel strip through a descaling machine and a hydrochloric acid tank to prevent surface defects of the cold-rolled finished product.

2. Cold stamping: In order to ensure the thickness and material for different purposes, the deceleration ratio is set at 40%-90%, and advanced control equipment such as automatic thickness control and automatic shape control are realized.

3. Annealing: It is a process of softening the steel strip material hardened in the cold stamping process. Through metal heating and rapid cooling, steel for deep processing and high-tensile steel are produced, and boxing (cover retreat) annealing and continuous annealing are used.

4. Insulation coating: When processing silicon steel plate into iron core, in order to improve its processing performance and prevent the loss of eddy current equivalent to the thickness of the steel plate, continuous coating equipment is used to spray insulating coating liquid on the top and bottom of the steel plate.

Silicon steel sheet performance index:

1. Low iron loss, which is the most important indicator of the quality of silicon steel sheets. All countries divide the grades according to the iron loss value. The lower the iron loss, the higher the grade.

2. The magnetic induction intensity (magnetic induction) is high under the strong magnetic field, which reduces the volume and weight of the iron core of the motor and the transformer, and saves silicon steel sheets, copper wires and insulating materials.

3. The surface is smooth, flat and uniform in thickness, which can improve the filling factor of the iron core.

4. Good punching performance is more important for the manufacture of micro and small motors.

5. The adhesion and weldability of the surface insulating film are good, which can prevent corrosion and improve the punching property.

The difference between oriented silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel:

1. Different silicon content

The silicon content of cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheet (silicon steel sheet) is 0.5%-3.0%, and the silicon content of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet (silicon steel sheet) is more than 3.0%.

2. The production process and performance are different,

Oriented silicon steel sheets (silicon steel sheets) are hot-rolled steel billets or continuous casting billets into coils with a thickness of about 2.3 mm. When manufacturing low-silicon products, the hot-rolled coil is cold-rolled to a thickness of 0.5 mm after pickling. When manufacturing high-silicon products, the hot-rolled strip is pickled (or normalized at 800~850°C and then pickled), cold-rolled to a thickness of 0.55 or 0.37mm, and annealed at 850°C in a hydrogen-nitrogen mixed atmosphere continuous furnace , and then cold-rolled to a thickness of 0.50 or 0.35mm by a small reduction rate of 6~10%. Cold rolling with this small reduction ratio can make grains grow during annealing and reduce iron loss. Both cold-rolled sheets were final annealed at 850°C in a continuous furnace under a 20% hydrogen-nitrogen atmosphere, and then coated with a phosphate plus chromate insulating film. After cold rolling to the finished product thickness, the supply state is mostly 0.35mm and 0.5mm thick steel strips. The Bs of cold rolled non-oriented silicon steel is higher than that of oriented silicon steel. Oriented silicon steel sheet (silicon steel sheet) requires low oxide inclusion content in the steel, and must contain CO.03~0.05% and inhibitors (second phase disperse particles or grain boundary segregation elements). The role of the inhibitor is to prevent the growth of the primary recrystallized grains and to promote the development of the secondary recrystallisation, thereby obtaining a high (110)(001) orientation. The inhibitor itself is harmful to the magnetic properties, so after the inhibition is completed, it must be purified and annealed at high temperature. When the second phase inhibitor is used, the heating temperature of the slab must be increased to make the original coarse second phase particles solid solution, and then precipitated as fine particles during hot rolling or normalization, so as to enhance the inhibition effect. The thickness of the cold rolled product is 0.28, 0.30 or 0.35mm. Cold rolled oriented thin silicon steel strip is made by pickling, cold rolling and annealing 0.30 or 0.35mm thick oriented silicon steel strip. Compared with cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel, oriented silicon steel has a much lower loss than non-oriented silicon steel, has strong magnetic directionality, and has superior high permeability and low loss characteristics in the rolling direction of easy magnetization. The iron loss of the oriented steel strip in the rolling direction is only 1/3 of the transverse direction, the ratio of magnetic permeability is 6:1, the iron loss is about 1/2 of the hot-rolled strip, and the magnetic permeability is 2.5 times that of the latter. . Simply put, the oriented sheet has better magnetic permeability and lower "iron loss value" than the non-oriented sheet. Non-oriented silicon steel sheet (silicon steel sheet) has relatively lower process requirements than oriented silicon steel sheet (silicon steel sheet).

3. Different properties and uses

Due to the different performance characteristics of the two, there are differences in the direction of use. The main purpose of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet (silicon steel sheet) is for transformer manufacturing, so it is also called cold-rolled transformer silicon steel.

NameRollingOrientationSilicon ContentUse
Hot Rolled Low Silicon SteelHot RolledNo Orientation1.0%-2.5%Household Motors And Micromotors
Hot Rolled High Silicon SteelHot RolledNo Orientation3.0%-4.5%Transformer
Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Electrical SteelCold RolledNormal Orientation/High Magnetic Induction Orientation
Large, Medium And Small Transformers
Low Carbon Electrical SteelCold RolledNo Orientation<0.5%Household Motors, Micromotors, Small Transformers And Ballasts
Silicon SteelCold RolledNo Orientation0.5%-3.5%Medium And Large Motors, Generators And Transformers

Sectional shapeRound, square, rectangular or as required etc.
MOQ1 ton
Whether to support samplesSupport samples
Product advantages1. Real factory, direct supply from stock.
2. Complete specifications, support customization.
3. Strict material selection and precise cutting.
4. Professional team, reliable quality
packWaterproof paper + wooden pallet or as required.
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